Final list of winners in the "Cultural Events" is announced. All the winners are requested to gather near the stage after Fifth event is performed on Day 1.Click here for winners list

Schedule for Dance Competition : 19/03/2017 (Sunday)

Cultural Events

Cultural events

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The Registration link for each event will be closed @ 8: 00Pm one day before the event is scheduled. If you face any difficulties before this time please contact in time Faculty Prof. Puneeth N. Thotad, MCA, Mob: 9480092730, 7090760654. No queries will be entertained on the same day of event. .

Funk From JunkTentative: CSE LobyCSE2017-02-1602:02:00pm
Cooking Without FireTentative: Mech LobyME2017-02-1601:02:00pm
Dumb CharadesTentative: EC DeptECE2017-02-1801:02:00pm
Face PaintingCivil department CIVIL2017-02-1701:02:00pm
KLEIT’S Got TalentECE seminar hallISE2017-02-1702:02:00pm
Mock ParliamentEEE DEpt002017-02-2002:02:00pm
QuizTentative: EC Dept(1st 2nd)ECE2017-02-1401:02:00pm
Rangoli1st Year Block LobyISE2017-02-1404:02:00pm
Singing Non Classical GroupCSE Seminar HallMCA2017-02-1909:02:00am
Singing Solo ClassicalCSE Seminar HallMCA2017-02-1909:02:00am
Singing Solo Non ClassicalCSE Seminar HallMCA2017-02-1909:02:00am
SketchingCse class roomsCSE2017-02-1501:02:00pm
SkitCSE Seminar HallME2017-02-2003:02:00pm